Podcast Episode 3

This podcast talks about my grandfather and I’s trip up into the mountains of the old Greenbriar community. Long forgotten, but not lost, my grandfather came upon an old map that we explored, which led to some exciting finds!


Podcast Episode 2

This podcast talks about my Girlfriend and I’s recent Asheville getaway trips. I talk about what all we did while we were there, from Biltmore to Sightseeing. If your curious about Asheville, this is the podcast for you!

Foundations of Appalachia

A couple weekends ago my grandfather and I went hiking along some unmarked trails that his neighbor in Greenbriar had mentioned to him. Apparently my Grandfathers neighbor was told by his father about an old community where there used to be a high school, but it had since been forgotten after the residents were forced to move out when the National Park was established. With my Grandfather and I’s thirst for adventure, theres no way we could NOT go investigate. With an old, handwritten map in hand, we set on our way through old Greenbriar.

After hiking for about 2.5 miles, we came upon some old stones that had once been the foundation of a chimney where a house once stood. Once we came upon that first one, they were everywhere. Between then and arriving the old high school, we came across at least 25 old stone foundations where a house once stood. You can instantly tell you are at the high school once you arrive to it. the column and foundation of the walls were huge, and stretched a good ways. What was surprising was how much of it was left. You could clearly make out where the walls once where, and the shape of the high school. My grandfather, using some old country logic I still don’t get, came to the conclusion that it must have been two stories high, and continued to point out where they would get their water from, where they would play, etc. After spending about an hour examining the high school in amazement, and proud that we were even able to find it, we decided to call it a day and go home until we found our next adventure. It wouldn’t have been the same without him.