Life through a Screen

Stop. Look up. Welcome back! You see all that around you, its called life, and its going right by us. We are all guilty of it, looking down at your phone real quick to check on something and next thing you know your 30 minutes to an hour in and haven’t looked up once. When I was in San Francisco visiting some family, I went down to Fishermans Wharf and Downtown to go to the places I used to visit as a kid on weekends. I was taking pictures, recording videos, editing and posting them to social media, yotta, yotta, yotta. But then it hit me. Instead of taking in the moment and all of the incredible things around me, I was too busy looking at my OWN life through a screen, just like someone who wasn’t ACTUALLY there. For the rest of the day, aside from the can’t miss pictures, I made it a point to take everything in with my own two eyes instead of living for the next picture or video. Sometimes its beneficial to be reminded just how much we are on our cellphones, and here is my reminder to you!